La Maison de Pierre et Valérie is ideally situated between the port of Honfleur, the Mont-Joli and the Côte de Grâce.  A narrow, steeply-climbing path leads in just a few minutes to two magnificent panoramic views, of the town and the river on one side and of the estuary as far as the sea, on the other.

The Old Harbour at Honfleur

The old harbour is Honfleur's best known site.  Created in the reign of Louis XIV at the behest of his Minister, Colbert, it has retained all of its ancient cachet.  The tall and narrow houses of the quay Sainte-Catherine with their overhanging levels still stand proudly alongside.  Some are seven storeys high with only two windows in breadth.  On this striking nocturnal photograph by Maurice Wagner, the Musée de la Marine is in the foreground.

ItineraryLeaving La Maison de Pierre et Valérie, go down the picturesque pedestrian rue du Puits and arrive, via the Place Sainte-Catherine, at the Old Harbour.  In only minutes, you have reached the heart of Honfleur.  This is a five-minute walk of about 400 meters (source: Google), arriving via La Lieutenance (once the official residence of the King's Lieutenant) and the Samuel Champlin memorial .

As an alternative, take the rue Eugène Boudin and then the rue de la Foulerie.  This is just as close to your goal as the rue du Puits route, but you get to the Old Harbour via la Petite Chine, a teashop where the famous French actor Michel Serrault liked to spend a while, as we do too.

Le Mont-Joli and la Côte de Grâce

Le Mont-Joli and La Côte de Grâce provide two wonderful panoramic views of the town and the river on one side and of the estuary as far as the sea, on the other.  Le Mont Joli overlooks the town with a splendid view of the Seine valley and the handsome Normandie bridge linking Honfleur and Le Havre.

Itinerary. Here is a secret route to the Mont-Joli: as you leave La Maison de Pierre et Valérie, take a right turn onto the rue Charrière du Puits (D279) and then a slight turn to the right onto la Voie Communale du Mont Joly.  It's a steep climb, but only for 400 meters — about 8 to 12 minutes depending on how energetic you are.  But the view is worth the climb.