La Maison de Pierre et Valérie is ideally situated in the heart of historic Honfleur, 400 meters away along the picturesque streets winding down to the Place Sainte-Catherine.  You are only five minutes away from it all and no need for the car.

The Sainte-Catherine area and its half-timbered houses

The Sainte-Catherine area, built at the same time as the town ramparts, is where La Maison de Pierre et Valérie**** now stands.  This is a maritime neighbourhood where seafarers have left their mark.  Their old half-timbered houses are with us still today.

As described by the Hachette Tourisme guide book: "With its maze of paved streets, its half-timbered houses and picturesque church, Sainte-Catherine seems to come straight out of a pirate film or a cape and sword saga.  Even though pirates and master mariners are not often seen on Honfleur's streets nowadays, the charm is still here to stay."

The maze of paved streets, the half-timbered houses and the picturesque church .

Sainte-Catherine's church and the Saturday-morning street market

At the end of the rue du Puits is Sainte Catherine's Church, built in the 15th century to replace an older church destroyed during the Hundred Year's War.  It was constructed by the town's inhabitants once the English had left.  They did not have much money so they used wood from the Touques forest and their shipbuilding know-how.

Classified as a historic monument in 1879, it is the largest church in France to be made of wood.  With its inverted hull-shaped naves and separate bell tower (so as not to weaken the timber framework) it is absolutely unique!

Be sure not to miss the Saturday-morning street market on the Place Sainte-Catherine .

Practical pointers:

To get to La Maison de Pierre et Valérie:

To get to La Maison de Pierre et Valérie by car, the simplest route is via Equemauville (you get to see a beautiful view of Honfleur), take the Route de la Croix Rouge which gets you straight to the Place without having to go through the centre of Honfleur.  This is the best route on Saturdays (market day).

The exact address is 8, place du Puits 14600 Honfleur. The entrance is on number 25, rue Bucaille.  Sat nav coordinates are:  49°25'13.4"N 0°13'42.5"E

Transport and itineraries:

  • By car: if you arrive via Honfleur, take the rue Eugène Boudin.  If you are coming from Equemauville, go down the D279 (Charrière de la Croix-rouge).
  • From Paris: Take the A13 and then the A29 motorways in the direction of Honfleur. Leave the A29 motorway at sortie 1. Take the D579, D579A and D62 in succession in the direction of Place du Puits à Honfleur;
  • By train: Deauville/Trouville railway station or Lisieux or Pont-l’Evêque stations, then connection to Honfleur by coach Les Bus Verts du Calvados, lines n° 20 and n°50;
  • By air: The Deauville Saint-Gatien airport is 10 km away;
  • By ferry: Via Caen or Le Havre from Portsmouth;
  • By bus: Direct bus line Ouibus and Starshipper Paris Deauville, then continue with Bus Verts du Calvados line n°20. 

Where to park your car?

The house does not own a parking spot, but there are many possibilities in the streets around. Have no fear, the neighbourhood is very quiet and parking is free of charge.

The best plan is to stop off on the Place du Puits to unload your luggage, then to park your car on the street which goes up to Equemauville (La charrière de la Croix-rouge) where parking is free (marked in green on the map).  You will be sure to find a space.

During the holiday season, you may have to walk a bit, but isn't that what holidays are for?